Humble Beginnings

So here it is. My first post on my blog. I have some ideas for the content of this blog, but I don’t want to limit it to only those ideas I have now. I’d like it to grow organically.

Nevertheless here are some ideas I’d like to tackle:

  • Universe: I’ve always wanted to create a Universe with a history, world, characters and drama. It would be a cornerstone for my games that I always wanted to create. This will be a project on its own.
  • RPG: I want to create a mobile RPG. It won’t be an epic, large game with stunning effects. It would be nested in the Universe. It will be My RPG. And I will write more on this idea right away.
  • Branding and publishing: I’ve always wanted to create a brand for my projects that would connect them together. I don’t know yet how it would look like, but I know one thing for sure: it will cost time, energy and lots of content. So this is the first step.
  • Developer Struggles: Every new project comes with new struggles and challenges. I’d like to share those challenges with you and to see what road I went afterwards.
  • And last but not least the Community: I really want to create something that gives other people joy and fun. So I want every project I create to be connected to some community. I have struggled to complete those projects in my portfolio and to update them because they didn’t get any traction besides some downloads through app stores. It is fun to develop the games but it’s not so fun to see them living in a limbo.

So, I hope you will enjoy reading my blog and see you next time!

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