Island Runner

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A beautifully crafted endless running game with living backgrounds and relaxing gameplay.


  • Relaxing gameplay
  • Captivating dynamic pacing
  • Colourful and vivid graphics


Development Infos

  • Engine: Unity
  • Platforms: iOS/Android
  • Dynamic content management
    • Different data packages for iOS and Android
    • It discovers whether there is an update in the server and downloads it
    • If the clients device is on wifi, it downloads automatically. If on the cell network user will be asked if he wants to download updates with given volume.
  • Dynamic pacing
    • Multiple “rage” levels indicated by the progress bar
    • Every time a new rage level is reached, the character is running faster. Sometimes there are some new features with it:
      • Additional jump
      • Quick landing
  • Dynamic jump path computation
    • Computation of the current velocity
    • Computation of the jump path and
      • Placing coins along the jump path
      • Placing obstacles underneath the jump path so the character is guaranteed to jump over it given the right jump moment.

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